Mobile Websites

Your Customers are Mobile. Deliver a Better Mobile Experience

As mobile devices evolve, mobile websites are fast becoming the new way of communicating online. Mobile website design and development has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. Market research agencies are predicting that mobile web browsing will become the next dominant Internet platform. Infact more than 15 million people use facebook mobile. Leading tech companies, like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! have recognised the potential of mobile browsing and are making great efforts to promote mobile commerce to users and advertisers.

In order for a website to work on a mobile handset, it must adhere to wireless website accessibility design guidelines, as recommended by the W3C. Mobile handsets use Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) to browse the Internet.

Ameripex Systems' internal development efforts are now geared towards tracking and redirecting mobile users to specially designed websites that are optimized for use by mobile browsers.