Device Drivers

Smart driver makes a device smarter!

Ameripex has experience with Windows NT and Windows 95/98 systems level programming. We design and develop Drivers, System Services and related software components. In keeping ahead of the pack, Ameripex is working on the next generation of Windows®. Once again Ameripex is taking the pain out of bleeding edge technology.

Ameripex's in-depth Windows® 2000 device driver experience helps you make your transition to Windows® 2000 a successful and painless experience. Ameripex uses the same device driver development and debugging techniques as Microsoft®.

Our Specialty:

  • Windows NT/Windows 2000 file system filters and file system drivers
  • Custom Windows NT/Windows 2000 Drivers
  • Windows NT/Windows 2000 Virtual DOS Drivers
  • NDIS drivers
  • WDM
  • SCSI
  • Parallel and serial port drivers
  • High speed data acquisition device drivers
  • Disk drivers
  • Any custom hardware device driver.
  • OS extensions.
  • Windows 95 Device Drivers
  • Windows 95 VxDs
  • Windows 95/98 file system filters