Performance-driven telecom solutions

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is one of the fastest growing technologies today, simply because it can save businesses significant money by slashing communication costs dramatically. There are quite a number of VOIP solutions available in the market. Do they really give you an optimal performance?

A solution good for one environment, may not be good for the other as VOIP network involves a large number of parameters and it requires a comprehensive planning and trade-offs to find an optimal solution for an environment.

Although progressing rapidly, VOIP still has some problems with reliability and sound quality, primarily due to limitations both in current compression technology and Internet bandwidth, which causes delay in Packet transmission. Also since Internet is a packet-switched or connectionless network, the individual packets of each voice signal travel over separate network paths for reassembly in the proper sequence at their ultimate destination, which increases the chances for packet loss.

Development of a VOIP solution is full of tradeoffs, decisions in one design element will cause headaches in another. Sorting through hardware and software tradeoffs is therefore the key to effective VOIP system designs. Ameripex has done a vast research and can develop a customized, comprehensive and optimal VOIP plan based on the environment. We just do not pick an over-the-counter solution but integrate a number of components from different vendors to form a solution, which is right for you. We collect data and reports of the various components, collect information about the operating environment and analyze them analytically, graphically to develop a cost-effective plan. Our plan includes development of a prototype model and complete simulation.