Ameripex builds custom simulations

Computer-based simulations are not new and are being used for a long time in various fields, which include Science, law, defense, management, manufacturing, hardware, and even software. It saves considerable time and money resources and aid in better planning.

Hardware Simulations

Ameripex has capability to make hardware simulations for a wide range of purposes and situations, which include:
  • To establish a test environment during software development.
  • To reduce time-to-market by developing hardware and software in parallel.
  • To totally replace the hardware component with software in the final product.
  • To demonstrate a device graphically and/or analytically.

Software Simulations

When you are looking to market, sell or demonstrate your software product, consider a software simulation. Effectively present the features and benefits of the software while communicating your message by taking a user through either a predetermined path or a very interactive one. Software simulations can be presented on a CD, or via the Web, providing even more reach at a fraction of the cost. Ameripex has the capability to deliver efficient, focused software simulations that generate leads, educate the prospect, and result in closed sales.