Why Outsourcing?

Over the past 10 years, companies have begun to outsource many of their internal IT Services, such as help desks, software support, and software development. The most popular offshore location is India and Ameripex has built an offshore partnership in India, which combines high quality with low costs.

Rather than embracing "the next big thing", corporate IT buyers are looking for inexpensive ways to take advantage of outsourcing opportunities, systems and software, together with guarantees that their next round of IT investments will pay off. Even those large companies, in the US and Europe, which have never considered IT outsourcing strategies from a cost-benefit analysis, are seriously contemplating bringing in an outsourcing paradigm, courtesy the ever-growing serious security threats to core business functions. Even midsized companies and startups are also turning to offshore outsourcing, helped by improved international communications links and spurred by the need to get software developed quickly.

The US has been a great beneficiary of its own outsourcing business strategies, in a host of economic activities. It is a known fact that outsourcing has been a key factor in the outstanding performance made by the US economy over the last 10 years.