Evolve your network into a strategic business asset.

Network is a strategic business asset and it must be engineered, managed and serviced to align with your business priorities. Installing a large or small network can be a confusing and difficult decision to calculate bottlenecks, and potential problems that can occur. Ameripex can help you decide on equipment, and software, as well as calculating any requirements you need. Ameripex's depth of knowledge, quick-response, and excellent customer service is making it one of the fastest growing companies in the region.

Ameripex Systems, Toronto, offers the following services:

  • Unix system administration and support. Our expertise lies mainly in Linux, *BSD and Solaris, but we also have experience with IRIX, HP/UX, AIX, SCO and other flavors of Unix.
  • Network design, implementation and maintenance, in any scale from LAN to WAN.
  • Internet/network security consulting.
  • Remote Network Monitoring via our network management system, with staff on-call 24x7.
  • Secure dedicated web servers.
  • Microsoft Windows Family system administration and support.
  • Office LAN/Desktop support.
  • Open Source Software support/development.